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Re-purpose: Shirt to Knitting Case

Now that exam season is over for the year, it's time to do something a bit more creative!  A fair bit of dust had accumulated on my sewing machine since the last time I had chance to do any sewing...
Today's project is fairly simple: my friend requested I make a knitting needle case from her husband's old shirt.

The shirt is made from a really good, sturdy cotton - so it's perfect for this project.  I even decided not to use any interfacing, because the fabric seemed robust enough on its own.
I began by drawing out my ideas.  Ashley requested the case be something simple - she didn't want individual slots for each pair of needles, and she wanted something small and relatively portable.

I decided to make two separate pockets, because my own needles vary in length and I thought this might make sorting them easier.
Next I measured the length of the needles, removed 3cm so that Ashley would be able to see and choose needle sizes easily, and then added a 1cm seam allow…

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