quilted // epp hexie bug

I don't know about you, but I love starting new projects.  For some reason, it beats even finishing a project for me.  I just love the feeling of all those ideas bubbling away, ready to take shape.

For the last week or so I've been collecting up all the junk mail that gets posted and instead of putting it straight into the recycling I'm going to cut it up to use as my paper pieces.  I did consider buying sets of pre-cut hexagons online - I know they would be a lot more precisely cut than I can manage - but I changed my mind for a few reasons.  I like the challenge of trying to make absolutely everything in a project from scratch, but I also figure that traditional English Paper Piecers didn't have access to fancy template packs and they still made stunning quilts with limited resources.

My one luxury item is the hexagon ruler though.  I tried to draw and cut my own hexagons, but I just don't have the skills!  The ruler should keep me just the right side of accurate enough to make a decent go of the piecing.

Did I say accurate?  I meant accurate ish.  Can't have it looking too professional, right?!

So that's 4 down only a few hundred more to go!  Best get some Bowie playing and get cutting!


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