Backwards and Forwards

What a gorgeous day!  After spending the majority of it at a CEN conference in Glasgow, I made it home just in time to see the sun settling over Edinburgh and the Firth of Forth.  Beautiful!


With my ever-so-valuable two days off this week, I've made a start on clearing out my things ready for moving house next month.  However much I don't want to move, it's definitely been a good nudge to make me realise how much stuff I've accumulated in recent years!

Aside from the obvious "clothes I don't wear anymore" category (thank goodness for charity shops and ebay!), I've also been sorting through my wool stash.  I've been as ruthless as I can - I'm even giving some away to a new knitter!

While I was going through those boxes, I found my WIP bucket and it was CRAMMED.  There were plenty of half finished hats, scarves and socks that I had to admit I had no intention of finishing.  I salvaged what yarn I could and got rid of the rest.  If it's serving no purpose, move on!

But I also found some really cool things too.  For example, the first pair of socks I ever made!

Not bad, eh?

Those are the sock-blockers I made from a cheap place-mat and this tutorial.  2012 me was unemployed and therefore seriously on it when it came to making things cheaply!

There's a little bit of damage to the cuff of one of the socks...

...because even this early in my knitting career I was too lax about weaving in my ends.  Still, this is nothing that can't be fixed.

I also found an almost-finished cowl/scarf in a gorgeous rust colour.

The ends need weaving (of course!), and it needs blocking to show off the lacework, but I'm really excited to finish this.  It'll be the perfect addition to my wardrobe - Edinburgh has been sunny, but still pretty windy lately!


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